Aeronotizie is the publisher of Dedalonews, the specialist weekly for aerospace, defense, security and technology professionals.

Every week Dedalonews offers tens of articles and news stories, leveraging the web's speed and ease of updating to deliver information within the timeframes required in the era of global communications.
But Dedalonews is not a website. It is a full-fledged magazine, registered as such under Italian law and with a professional journalist with 20 years of experience as Editor in Chief.

The electronic version is always accessible at the address and is constantly updated. Dedalonews can be read on a PC (with the option excluding Flash), on PDAs and even on WAP mobile telephones.

The name Dedalo harks to the Greek mythology. Daedalus was the architect of the Labyrinth and the creator of the wings that allowed Icarus to fly. Daedalus is therefore a symbol of technology as a factor of strength and competitiveness. But it also expresses the goal of reporting with the same integrated approach that is increasingly characteristic of the aerospace, defense, security and technology fields. The labyrinth is also a metaphor for today's scenarios, in which knowledge is the only way to steer a course through the infinite variables of the continuously changing world.